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Driver Genius Professional Reviewed

Rating: 8.5/10

Driver Genius Professional
Driver Genius is a product that has been around for quite a while. Basically what the product does is scan your computer and identify which drivers are out-of-date and which drivers are missing. It can then automatically update any of the drivers you choose. The entire process takes less than a couple of minutes, which is much faster than trying to update drivers manually.

We were not huge fans of this product in the past. However, along came version 8 and things have improved dramatically. The product now has a better scan model, better support, larger driver database and it just seems to work better. We have also had alot of positive feedback from our users since we started recommending version 8. Prior to this, we didn't really recommend the product and we weren't getting much feedback.

So if you need to update your drivers or fix missing drivers then you should give this product a shot. The scan is nice and fast and should be done in less than 2 minutes. By keeping your drivers up-to-date your system is more secure, more stable and faster. This product is also great to have on hand if you have moved to Vista or if you ever reinstall your OS. A reinstall or upgrade to Vista can be a nightmare without the right drivers.


Free Scan

The free scan is a trial download that you can install and run on your machine. It will detect and display missing and out-of-date drivers.


- Free trial download
- Compatible with all major Windows operating systems
- Supports all major manufacturers
- Detects and updates virtually any driver
- Backup and restore drivers
- Improves PC performance
- Continual updates and development

Support: - Email support
- Live tech support
Screen Shots: Driver Genius Pro Screenshot

Driver Genius Pro Screenshot
The Verdict:

Driver Genius is an excellent product that can save hours of wasted time searching for drivers. I remember back in the day when I had to reinstall Windows 98. It probably took me 2 days to find all of the drivers. Now the same task can be done in minutes..

The folks at Driver Genius have done a great job in compiling a huge database of drivers. This database is updated on a regular basis, so no matter what driver you need, it will be there.

Overall, this is a very handy tool to have in your toolkit. Drivers run almost everything on your PC, so without the correct drivers, things aren't too good, and why waste time scouring the web when you can automatically update everything with 2 clicks.

Try it out and see what you think.

Try Driver Genius now - Free download