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Computer Glossary - D

(.dbx) The file extension for the data files for the Microsoft email client Outlook Express

Device Class Driver
In Windows 98, a driver that provides an interface between different layers of the WDM architecture.

The monitor of a computer represents the user's desktop upon which documents and folders of documents can be placed. A document can be opened into a window, which represents a paper copy of the document placed on the desktop. Small applications called desk accessories are also available, such as a desk calculator, etc.

A low-level API that provides user- mode media interfaces for games and other high-performance multimedia applications. DirectX is a thin layer, providing direct access to hardware services, and takes advantage of available hardware accelerators and emulates accelerator services when accelerators are not present.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library)
An API routine that user-mode applications access through ordinary procedure calls. The code for the API routine is not included in the user’s executable image. Instead, the operating system automatically modifies the executable image to point to DLL procedures at run time.

DLL Error
Caused by a missing or corrupt DLL file due to the following: