We have already talked about Windows 7 for download and some of the locked features that were not available in the standard download. Then along came Rafael who found out how to unlock the superbar.

Well now he has relesed a cool little tool called “Blue Badge”. This download will unlock even more features in Windows 7. Here is a rundown on some of the other features being unlocked.

These are some of the new touch based features that Microsoft is introducing in Windows 7.  This will allow for a bunch of cool features such as panning, zooming, rotating and more.

Desktop slideshow
This is pretty much a slideshow of different desktop backgrounds. While its not really a groundbreaking feature, it is now unlocked with the Blue Badge download. So you can choose a bunch of different desktops and they will change like a slideshow, depending on a certain interval.

The new superbar we have already discussed. Blue Badge will help you unlock this too.

You can get this awesome tool from the link below. There is an X86 version and X64 will be available very soon too.

Blue Badge to unlock Windows 7 features