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Windows XP Easter Eggs

Here are some cool Windows XP easter eggs that you can test out.

For those of you not familiar, easter eggs are hidden bits of code within an operating system. Quite often these were secretly programmed in by programmers trying to add a little fun here and there. Although there are strict rules against programmers adding easter eggs these days.

Easy Win in Solitaire

If you suck at Solitaire you can win any time by pressing: Alt + Shift + 2

Con Folder

Try and create a folder called "con". It won't let you.

Bush Hid the Facts

Open up notepad and type in "bush hid the facts". Then save the file, close it and re-open. It looks like Bush really did hide thefacts.


Open Control Panel -> Speech
Under the "Use the following text to preview the voice:" type in "crotch"
It seems that MS says something different

Quotes File

My version of Windows XP didn't have this, but yours might. Apparently there is a quotes file with quotes from MS developers. The location of this file is:

If its there, you should be able to open it in notepad/wordpad etc.

Microsft Word Easter Egg

Open up Microsoft Word and type in the following: "=rand(200,99)". Now hit enter and watch what happens.


There is a hidden command line switch for defrag. Type defrag c: -b to defragment the Boot and Application Prefetch information

Pinball Easter Eggs

To get more balls, type in "1max" at the start of a new ball.

Type in "gmax" at the start of a game to activate the gravity well.

Want unlimited balls? Type in "bmax" at the start of a new ball.

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