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Windows 7 Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to improve efficiency and workflow. In Windows 7 there are a bunch of cool new keyboard shortcuts and we will take a look at some of the ones that you should know.

The Magnifier

This is a cool tool that lets you zoom on objects/windows etc.

WinKey + "+"
Zoom in.

WinKey + "-"
Zoom out.

Maximize a Window

In Windows 7 you can easily maximize the window you are currently working on. You can also restore the maximized window back to its original size.

WinKey + Up Arrow
Maximize a window

WinKey + Down Arrow
Restore maximized window to its normal size

WinkKey + Shift + Up Arrow
Maximize a window to fill the screen vertically. The current window width will stay the the same, but the height will go from top to bottom.

WinKey + Shift + Down Arrow
This will restore the height of the window to normal.

Snap to Left or Right

You can easily snap a window to either the right or left edge of the screen and it will take up half of the screen. This can be very useful when working with two different windows and you want to view the contents of each one.

WinKey + Left Arrow
This will snap the window the the left edge.

WinKey + Right Arrow
Snap the window to the right edge of the screen.

Launching Applications

Each application shortcut you add to the taskbar is assigned a number. You can easily launch any program from the taskbar by knowing its number. Then you just combine that with the WinKey. For example, look at the taskbar image below. Pressing "WinKey + 1" will open Internet Explorer. Pressing "WinKey + 2" will open explorer, "WinKey + 3" will open Media Player and so on.

windows 7 taskbar

WinKey + Number
Launch an application from the taskbar with its corresponding number.

Want to launch an application with administrative rights?

Ctrl + Shift + Click on App
This will launch the application that you click on with administrative privileges.

Minimize Applications

If you want to quickly minimize all other windows and applications except the current window you are working on.

WinKey + Home
Pressing this will minimize all open windows except your current window. Press again to restore all the windows.

WinKey + Space
Make all windows transparent and view the desktop. This is the same as clicking the show desktop button on the far-right of the taskbar.

windows 7 shortcuts

Cycle Between Applications

This one (alt + tab) has been around for years but some of you may not know it. To cycle between open applications with a visual display.

Alt + Tab
Cycle between open applications.

windows 7 cycle

Windows + T
Cycle through the applications on the taskbar. This works in a similar fashion to Aero Peek.

windows 7 shortcuts

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