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Windows 7 Calculator

The calculator in Windows has been the same forever. Well not anymore. Microsoft has finally gotten their act together and given us a calculator that is useful.

The new calculator in Windows 7 has a ton of new features. Here they are:

Standard Calculator View

This is the standard calculator that we all know and love. Luckily this calculator has a ton of upgrades.

windows 7 calculator - standard

Calculator Options

These are the new calculator options available by clicking "View" from the menu.

windows 7 calculator - views

Scientific Calculator

This is the standard scientific calculator that you will remember from previous versions of Windows. There is nothing new here.

windows 7 calculator - scientific

Programmer Calculator

windows 7 calculator - programmer


windows 7 calculator - stats

Unit Conversion

Some very handy features of the new calculator include conversions. You can convert between different units of measurement.

windows 7 calculator - unit conversion

Date Difference

Find the exact number of days between any two dates.

windows 7 calculator - dates

Worksheet Options

The calculator in Windows 7 also has some great worksheet options for calculating repayments, gas mileage etc.

windows 7 calculator - worksheets

Mortgage Repayments

windows 7 calculator - mortgage

Vehicle Lease

windows 7 calculator - vehicle lease

Fuel Economy (miles)

windows 7 calculator - fuel economy

Fuel Economy (litres)

windows 7 fuel calculator


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