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Make Windows XP Look and Feel Like Vista

Have you ever wanted to make your Windows XP look and feel just like Windows Vista, without paying for OS upgrades and new hardware?

Well this can be achieved quite easily and for FREE - thanks to the Vista Transformation Pack.

We were extremely impressed with this product as it does a fantastic job of pretty much turning XP into Vista. You get all the nice visuals as well as some of the cool new features like the Vista sidebar gadgets.

OK, installing the Vista Transformation Pack is very simple.

1) First download the FREE Vista Transformation Pack. You can get it from the link below. Don't worry, it is safe (spyware and adware free)

Download Vista Transformation Pack

2) Run the program

3) During the installation you will get various options. An important one is whether or not to install the transformation pack into the OS or as an integrated install. The integrated option offers more features but will be more difficult to uninstall.

4) Select whether or not you want third party apps. Make sure you select this option if you want to have cool features such as the sidebar.

5) After finishing the installation wizard, the files will take a minute or two to install and you will then need to reboot.


6) Here are some screenshots of our Windows XP machine after it had the transformation pack installed.


Here is the Vista sidebar in XP


OK, now go and install it!!