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Vista Stored Usernames and Passwords

One of the nice new features in Windows Vista is the ability to store user names and passwords.

If you have to connect to different fileservers, websites or anything that requires authentication, you might get annoyed with having to type in the username and password all the time. Well Vista now allows you to add and store these credentials so that you don't need to type them in every time.

To access this feature:

Open "Control Panel" -> "User Accounts" -> "Select manage your network passwords" (left column).

From here you will see all of your stored logons and you can then add/remove.

vista usernames and passwords

To add a new username/password, just click the "Add" button. You will then see the screen below. Here you can specify what you will log on to (eg: fileserver, network drive). Then just add your username and password and specify if it will be a Windows or non Windows logon.

vista usernames and passwords

This should save you some time and hassle but note - this feature does have some bugs. There were some problems connecting to Linux file servers such as Samba.

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