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Beware of Trojan Horses and Spyware

If you spend anytime online with your computer or laptop, then you need to be careful of things that can seriously damage your computer and steal personal and confidential information. Trojan Horses and Spyware are types of malware or bad software that can have negative consequences on web surfers. Some of these can record your keystrokes or access your private information

Here are some tips on avoiding Trojan Horses and Spyware.

Trojan Horses are similar to viruses, they unknowingly are downloaded onto your computer and search your computer for important and personal information. Once a Trojan horse finds information it secretly send the information back to a database where a hacker can steal your credit card numbers or even take control of your computer.

Spyware is software that is secretly downloaded with another program unknowingly. This type of software keeps track of your buying habits and web surfing habits and sends you pop up advertisements, and may slow down your computer excessively.

There is a very easy way to avoid Trojan Horses and Spyware by using decent software and scanning your computer each week. You can easily weed out and rid yourself of most Trojan horses and spyware. The other way to avoid these types of malware is to keep track of what you download. Don't download programs or files from web sites you do not recognize. So beware of Trojan Horses and Spyware. If you take simple precautions, you will not need to worry. We highly recommend you try the free scan available below.

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