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Speed Up Windows Vista Desktop

I've done a few posts on how to speed up Vista etc but I haven't gone into detail on how to make your desktop run faster and not freeze/stick/stop/blah blah.

Remember when you do these tweaks that the overall speed of your PC will depend on numerous things so sometimes these tweaks may not perform as well as you hoped, and that could mean your PC has other problems slowing it down..


I know people out there love the new sidebar full of gadgets, but did you know the sidebar can slowdown your interface. Remove it by doing the following:

Visual Effects

I'm not even going to go into detail here, visual effects can slow down your PC, especially Vista, as it uses many resource intensive visuals.

speed up vista desktop


The transparency effect can look really 'cool' but it also slows things down;

Aero Theme

The Aero Theme is great. It looks pretty and we all love it. However, it can be very slow and unless you have a powerful PC, you may want to try running the basic theme for better performance.

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