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How to Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

By now you are probably all bored with making XP look and feel like Vista, so luckily there are now options to make it look like Windows 7.

Windows 7 has some very nice new user interface upgrades and tweaks and these offer both efficiency and a "cool" factor. The good news is that most of these can be emulated on Windows XP. With Windows Vista you can emulate virtually all of the new upgrades in Windows 7.

Just remember, usually there are no problems, but installing any transformation pack can alter your OS and can cause trouble. Backup before proceeding and set a restore point in case you need to rollback the installation. Anything you install is at your own risk.

Seven Transformation Pack

One of the best downloads for making XP look like Windows 7 is the Seven Transformation Pack. This will emulate many of the features and effects all in just one easy to install download. It will change the following:

Boot screen
Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
New msstyles files (visual styles)
New desktop and file icons
New toolbar icons
Progress Dialogs
Sounds scheme
System Tray icons
New Wallpapers
Some of Windows 7's popular features
And much more

Below are some screenshots after having applied the Seven Transformation Pack:

Windows 7 Screenshot

Windows 7 Screenshot

You can view information about the transformation pack in the link below. To get the download, just follow the second link.

Seven Transformation Pack

Download Page - Seven Transformation Pack

Emulate Other Features of Windows 7 on XP

Aero Peek

In Windows 7 you can make all of the open windows transparent in order to take a look at what is on the desktop. This is way easier than having to minimize all of your applications or to hide them using the old "WinKey + D" command.

Aero Peek emulates this excellent Windows 7 feature. You just need to click once to make all the windows transparent and then click again to make them visible. Try it out, its a very nice feature.

Download Aero Peek here

Aero Snap

This download emulates the Aero Snap feature found in Windows 7. Aero Snap allows you to resize windows and snap them to the screen by just dragging and dropping.

Simply drag a window to a side of your desktop to snap it or drag it to the top to maximize.

When you drag it back to the last position, the last window size will be restored. Really easy and really cool!

Download Aero Snap here

Aero Shake

This is another cool feature in Windows 7 that you can emulate in Windows XP with this little application.

What is Aero Shake? Like the new Windows 7 feature, shaking the active window with your mouse will minimize all other windows; shaking it again will restore them.

Download Aero Shake here

Have fun!!

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