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Make Outlook Express Faster

Here is a quick little tweak that can make Outlook Express send and receive email faster. In some cases it can be quite a noticeable performance gain.

What you need to do is change the settings of the incoming and outgoing servers so that you are using their IP addresses instead of their domain names. The reason for this is that Outlook Express does a look up on these names to resolve their IP address each time. By inputting the IP addresses, Outlook Express will no longer have to waste time doing the lookups.

In your email account, edit the incoming and outgoing servers, see below:

make outlook express faster

Next you need to identify the IP address for the incoming and outgoing server. You can do this by pinging each domain name, this will return the IP address. For example, if the domain is ""

Open the command prompt and then type in "ping". It will reply with the IP address. Do the same for both your incoming and outgoing servers.
make outlook express faster

Then add in the IP addresses for the incoming and outgoing servers:

make outlook express faster

Outlook Express should now be faster. The only problem with this tweak is that IP addresses can change, which is why domain names make life easier. Keep the names of your servers handy somewhere in case anything ever changes, so that way you can always plug the domain names back in.

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