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Fix Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a program with quite a few bugs, however, most of these are easily fixed and shouldn't present too much of a problem. Follow the steps below to repair your installation of Outlook Express.

1) Third Party Repair Tools
By far the easiest way to fix Outlook Express is with a third party repair tool. Some of the tools out there are very fast and powerful. We have tested RegCure and found that it did a very good job in repairing Outlook Express and other computer errors. You can run a free scan now by clicking here

2) Reboot Your Computer
This is the first fix for the majority of Microsoft problems. Giving your computer a reboot may be all that is required to get Outlook Express working normally again. In over 60% of cases this seems to do the job. If the reboot doesn't fix the errors, then continue on.

3) Compact Folders - Repair the .DBX file
In some circumstances the master .dbx file that is the index for folders and messages may become corrupt. This can be repaired by compacting the folders. To compact the folders in Outlook Express, simply do the following:

- On the File menu select Folder -> Compact All Folders

Wait for the compacting to complete before continuing. Depending on how large your mailbox is, this may take several minutes. After the folders have been compacted, close Outlook Express and re-open to see if the problems have gone.

4) Create a New Account
You can try creating a new account in Outlook Express and importing your data across from the old account.

5) Re-Register Outlook Express
Quite often a missing or corrupt registry entry can result in Outlook Express failing. You can repair the registry entry with the following steps:

- Click Start -> Run
- Type "msimn /reg" and click OK. (you will not see anything happening during this step)

6) Reinstall Outlook Express
If all else has failed, you will need to use a third party repair tool, or you can completely uninstall and then re-install Outlook Express. The details of how to do this can be found on the Microsoft support site. Click here