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Compact the Thunderbird Inbox

Here is a quick tip on compacting your inbox in Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are not already doing it, then read on.

Why compact the inbox?

Compacting your inbox is a way to improve performance and to reduce the chances of your inbox becoming corrupted. Trust me, you are better to be compacting your inbox regularly, then to be faced with corrupt mail folder problems.

When you delete messages from your inbox. They are usually not really deleted. They only become hidden, even after emptying the trash. These messages are only really deleted after you compact the inbox.

So just do it, because you will get better performance. Many email clients will compact folders automatically and some won't. You can set Thunderbird to do this automatically.

How to compact the inbox

In Thunderbird, just right-click on your inbox and select "compact". This will then compact your inbox. Note: it may take a few minutes depending on how large your inbox is.

compact the inbox

Compact the inbox automatically

This is a better option, because you won't have to worry (and forget) about doing it manually.

From the top menu, click on:

compact the inbox

You can change the setting to an amount higher than 100kB. You can also turn off this feature anytime by unchecking the box.

Enjoy your better performing inbox!

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