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Each week we add new articles on PC repair, spyware removal, PC security, error repair, how to's and lots more. Check back often for our updates. If you would like to contribute an article, please contact us.

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Errors and Error Repair

The Blue Screen of Death
What is the BSOD and how can you control it

Windows XP Errors
What are the Windows XP error codes and how to fix them

What is the rundll32.exe process and how do we stop it

Driver Errors
How do I scan my computer for driver errors

SMTP Errors
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a...

SMTP Error Codes
Here is a full list of the SMTP error codes you may encounter

Dr Watson Errors
How does Dr Watson work and how to fix it

Exe Errors
A list of Exe errors and their potential threat

ActiveX Errors
Can you download activeX

Windows Runtime Errors
A list of the common runtime errors

Fix and Update Audio Drivers
The quick and easy way to fix and update all audio drivers.

Security Settings and Tweaks

Change XP Passwords Without the Existing Password
With this quick hack you can easily change any password without the existing password

Change the Password Lockout Settings
Learn how to change the password lockout duration and number of attempts.

Trojan Horses and Spyware
Learn about Trojan horses and spyware and how to best avoid these types of threats when browsing online.


Parental Controls for Windows Vista
Vista has some excellent parental controls that can help make your computer and web access safer for children.

Stored Usernames and Passwords in Vista
Vista has a nice new feature that allows you to easily store usernames and passwords. Find out more in this article.

Speed, Performance and Optimization

Speed Up XP - Run XP in RAM
Here is a great tweak to speed up XP by running it in RAM, instead of via the page file on the harddrive.

Turn Off Unnecessary Services in Windows XP
These are some services you can turn off to instantly speed up Windows XP.

Speed Up Boot Time
Learn how to speed up startup times in Windows XP and Vista


Improve Vista With the Windows Experience Index
Learn all about the new Windows Experience Index and how it can improve Vista performance

Improve Vista Performance With Readyboost
There is a cool new feature in Vista that allows you to add extra RAM with external flash drives.

Faster Vista Search Menu
Learn how to quickly speed up the Vista search menu.

Generate a System Health Report in Vista
Here is a quick and easy way to get a rundown of the health of your Vista PC.

Vista: Speed Up Your USB Drive
There is a tweak in Vista that can improve the performance of your USB drives and it only takes a few seconds.

Windows Vista Memory Diagnostic Tool
Here is a cool tool in Vista that can help diagnose any problems that might be occuring with memory.

Faster Vista Shutdown
Do you find Windows Vista painfully slow to shutdown? We show you how to shut it down fast everytime.

Vista - Speed Up Your Desktop
Learn some tweaks for speeding up the Vista desktop.

Turn Aero On or Off in Vista
Learn how to turn the Aero interface on or off in Windows Vista. Read this if you need to free up resources and speed up your PC.

Turn On Avalon Effects in Vista
Learn how you can turn on Avalon effects in Windows Vista.

Interface, Usability and Graphics Settings and Tweaks

Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7
Some awesome applications that will make your install of Windows XP look and feel like Windows 7.

Virtual Desktops for Windows
Learn how you can get multiple desktops in Windows and better manage your icons, applications and workflow.

Vista Transformation Pack
Make Windows XP look and feel just like Windows Vista - For FREE!!

Sticky Keys
Learn how to use shortcuts without having to press all the keys at once - sticky keys.

XP Powertoys
Do cool stuff with the free Windows XP Powertoys.

Change Command Prompt Colors
Are you sick of the boring default black and white command prompt. Learn how to change it to your liking.


Vista: Activate Windows by Hovering
In Windows Vista you can activate a window simply by hovering and eliminating the need to click it. Try it now.

Vista On-Screen Keyboard
Learn how to activate and use the Windows Vista on-screen keyboard.

Windows Vista Snipping Tool
A quick and easy way to make screenshots in Windows Vista. Its way better than "Print Screen".

Turn Off Shadow Effects in Vista
Turn off the shadow effects in Windows Vista.

Disable Flip 3D in Vista
If you want to disable the Flip 3D effect in Vista, read this.

Windows Vista Classic Start Menu
Don't like the Vista start menu? Learn how to change it to the classic start menu like XP.

Change the Aero Borders and Styling
Learn how to customize the Aero borders and styling in Windows Vista.

Email and Internet Tweaks

Compact the Thunderbird Inbox
You should always compact the inbox for better performance. We show you how to do it here.

Compact the Outlook Express Inbox
Compacting your inbox helps protect your email and improve performance, learn how to do it here.

Change the Browser User Agent
Learn how to change your browser's user agent setting.

Internet Explorer Runtime Errors
Get rid of those annoying Internet Explorer runtime errors.

Clean Your Internet Explorer 7 With a Batch File
Learn how you can speed up IE7 tweaking with a batch file.

Cleaning Up Your Cookies
A quick article on how to clean up your cookies and improve computer privacy.

Clear Temp Files When Closing Internet Explorer (IE)
Here is a cool way to clear out temp files whenever you close IE. This will reduce clutter and improve performance.

Make Outlook Express Faster
Here is a nice little tweak that can improve performance in Outlook Express.

Private Browsing
The newer browsers offer private browsing sessions to protect your privacy. Learn how to use it here.

Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer 8
Learn how to delete the browsing history in IE8 and protect your privacy.

Increase Connections Limit in Internet Explorer
By increasing the connections limit in IE you can improve overall performance and browsing experience.

Replace the Menu Bar in Internet Explorer 7
For some reason Microsoft got rid of the top menu bar in IE7. Here is how you can get it back.

How To's

Windows Vista Starter's Guide
Some performance tips and tweaks for setting up Vista for the first time.

Backing Up Data - Windows Vista
Learn how easy it is to run automated backups in Windows Vista.

Backing Up Data - Windows XP
Learn how easy it is to run automated backups in Windows XP.

Backup the Vista Registry
Before doing any registry edits, you should backup the Windows Vista Registry. It is quick and easy.

Update Device Drivers
I recently had to update a device driver in my...

Windows Software

Windows Media Player Errors
List of the common Windows Media Player error codes

Windows Media Player Hints and Tips
Tips on how to fix Media Player and some useful tips

Outlook Errors - Fixing Timeout Messages
We have all experienced those annoying timeout messages in Outlook. Here we discuss how to fix the problem.

How to Fix Microsoft Word
Common Microsoft Word errors and problems and how to fix them

How to Fix Outlook Express
Quick tips and guide for fixing Outlook Express errors

How to Fix Internet Explorer
Try these methods if your Internet Explorer is running slow, crashing or giving other errors

Windows Media Player
What is the WMP and what type of errors can you encounter

Outlook Express General Errors
A list of all the general errors on OE

Software Reviews

Leading Anti Spyware Product Reviewed
We test and review one of the leading anti-spyware products. Our readers can also get a free scan available in the article.

System Settings and Hacks

Export the XP Desktop Theme to Another Computer
Learn how to quickly copy your current XP desktop theme from computer to another.

Windows XP Registry Hacks/Tweaks
A list of cool, useful and interesting registry edits for Windows XP.

BIOS Beep Codes
Learn how you can use BIOS beep codes to debug problems. We also list the common beep codes by BIOS manufacturer.

Command Console Utilities
A list of common and useful command console utilities

Windows Registry Explained
Basics of the Windows registry explained including the structure and how to edit the registry.

Windows Safe Mode
How do I start my computer in safe mode?

System Information
Find out how to get all the system info about your computer.

Change Registered Owner Details
Here is a quick tweak that will let you change the registered owner details for your installation of Windows XP.

View Properties for Multiple Disk Drives
If you have more than one disk drive in Windows XP, here is quick way to view properties for all of them at once.

Turn Off Error Reporting
If you find the error reporting in XP annoying then here is a quick tweak for turning it off.

Restore a File in Vista
Learn how to restore a file in Vista using the Shadow Copy feature.

Clean Your Internet Explorer 7 With a Batch File
Learn how you can speed up IE7 tweaking with a batch file.

Convert a FAT32 Drive to NTFS Format
A quick tweak for converting a FAT32 drive into NTFS format in Windows XP.

Miscellaneous Tweaks and Settings

Windows XP Easter Eggs
Some cool and fun tricks you can do in Windows XP.

How to Download YouTube Videos
Techniques and software available for downloading YouTube videos.

Windows 7

The Basics

Add and Manage Gadgets in Windows 7
Windows 7 has all the cool gadgets found in Vista. Learn how to manage them, add and uninstall.

Windows 7 Taskbar
The taskbar in Windows 7 is quite different to previous versions. Learn about all the cool new features and how you can make use of them.

What are Windows 7 Jump Lists
You may or may not have heard of this feature in Windows 7. Jump Lists are pretty cool, so find out what they are in this article.

What is Aero Shake
You can easily hide and restore windows with a cool new feature in Windows 7 called Aero Shake.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn some of the coolest new shortcuts available in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Calculator
Finally, the calculator in Windows 7 has been updated and now it's awesome. Learn more.

Windows 7 UAC
Modify the user access control settings and notifications in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Tweaks

Remove the Evaluation Watermark in Windows 7 RC
Here is the method for removing the Windows 7 RC evaluation watermark that appears on the desktop.

View Empty Drives in Windows 7
A quick and easy way to either view or hide empty drives in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Software and Applications

SharedView for Windows 7
Share your desktop, files and more with the SharedView application for Windows 7.